Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Sweet Christmas


For this tutorial you will need:

A tube of choice, I am using the art of Alex_Prihodko to use 
this tube you will need to purchase it from PFD here

I am using a stunning PTU Scrap Kit called Sweet Christmas
by MellieBeans you can purchase the kit from PFD Here

Masks set 1 by me here & Weescotslass Mask75 here

Fonts - Flakes & Santa's Sleigh here

Filters used: MuRa's Meister copies

1. Put masks MD_14_05 & WSL_Mask75 into your mask folder, open a transparent canvas 600 x 600 pixels.

2. Go to selections, select all, open pp04, go to edit, copy, on your canvas go to image, paste, paste into selection, back to selections, select none.

3.  Go to layers, Load/Save mask, Load mask from disk, in the pull down menu, select MD_14_05 apply with the following settings, source luminance checked, fit to layer checked, hide all mask checked, go to layers, merge, merge group.

4. Repeat the above step using pp01, apply the WSL_Mask75.

5. Copy & paste e28 as a new layer, go to image, resize, and resize by 35%, Resample using bicubic, resize all layers unchecked, go to effects, plugins, MuRa's Meister Copies, apply with the following settings:


6.Copy & paste e24, got to image, resize and resize by 65%. 

7. Copy & paste e27 as a new layer, repeat step 5 on this layer but resize by 30%.

8. Copy & paste e11 as a new layer go to image, resize and resize by 40%, arrange at the bottom left of the acorn circle, when happy go to layers, duplicate then image, mirror.

9 Copy & paste e16 as a new layer, go to image, resize and resize by 30%, arrange top left to your liking, add a drop shadow with the following settings, H&V 2, opacity 66, blur 4, color black. (this drop shadow was used throughout)

10. Copy and paste your tube of choice as a new layer, resize and position to your liking, add a drop shadow.

11. select the text tool, Flakes, set the background color to #a5140d and the foreground color to null, font size 64, kerning set to -65, type out the word Christmas in capitals, go to layers, convert to raster layer.

12. Go to selections, select all, selections float, selections, defloat, selections, expand and expand by 2 pixels, add a new raster layer and drag below the text layer, flood fill the selection with white, back to selections,select none, add a drop shadow to the layer.

13. Change the background color to #85943, select the text tool, change the font to Santa's Sleigh, size 55, change the Kerning to 0, type Sweet, arrange to your liking (see my tag for ref) go to image, rotate, free rotate rotate by 17 degrees left, all layers unchecked, repeat the above step with the word sweet. 

Resize your tag if needed, Add copyright info & name. your done!

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