Sunday, 28 December 2014

Waiting for Midnight


For this tutorial you will need:
A tube of choice, I am using the art of Lysisange, to use this tube you will need
to purchase it from PicsForDesign Here
The stunning IB Alicia Exclusive 9A kit by LHD Scraps Here
Patriotic Mask 3 by Dangerously Delicious Designz Here

Put the mask into your psp mask folder.

Open a transparent cnvas 600 x 600 go to selections, select all, open paper6, copy and paste into selection, back to selections, select none.

Go to layers, load/save mask, load mask from disk, select mask DD_PatrioticMask_3 in the drop down menu, source luminance checked, fit to canvas checked, hide all mask checked, then back to layers, merge, merge group.

Open Ele27, go to image, resize, resize by 65%, resample using bicubic, resize all layers unchecked, move to the top right of the mask layer, go to layers, duplicate then image, mirror, go to layers, merge, merge down.

Open Ele2, copy and paste as anew layer, go to image, resize, resize by 80% same settings as before move up slightly.

Open Ele28 go to image, resize by 50%,move to the bottom of the mask.

Open Ele14,copy and paste as a new layer, add a drop shadow with the following settings, H10, V-10, opacity 50, blur 5, color black, use these settings throughout.

Open Ele32, copy and paste as a new layer, go to image, resize by 50% change the resample settings to smart size. add a drop shadow.

Open Ele31, copy and paste as a new layer, go to image, resize by 50% same settings. add a drop shadow. arrange at the bottom right of the clock.

Copy and paste your tube of choice as a new layer, resize and arrange to your liking, go to layers, duplicate, change the blend mode of the duplicate layer to screen, add a drop shadow to the original layer.

Add your name and copyright info, resize if needed. Your Done!

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