Saturday, 22 November 2014


For this tutorial you need:
A tube of choice I am using the art of Verymany, to use this tube you will 
need to purchase it  from Verymany Tubes here
A wonderful Christmas kit called Here Comes Santa by Miggins Does Scrapville, you can purchase it from any of the stores Miggins sells at here
My mask 14 you can get it here

Open a New transparent canvas 600 x 600,flood fill with white.

add a new raster layer,open paper 19, go to image, resize, resize by 15%,with the following settings, resample using smart size, resize all layers unchecked, copy and paste onto your canvas, go to layers, load/save mask, load mask from disk, select MD_14_11 from the drop down menu, source luminance checked, fit to layer checked, hide all mask checked, apply then go to layers, merge, merge group.

Open element 66, go to image, resize and resize by 18% copy and paste as a new layer, move slightly up and to the right as shown below.

Add a drop shadow H&V 2, opacity 44, blur 4, color black.

Activate the magic wand tolerance & feather set at 0,click in the space in the middle of the frame, go to selections, modify, expand and expand by 7 pixels,add a new raster layer below the frame layer, Open paper22 go to image, resize, resize by 15%, copy and paste into selection on your canvas, do not deselect.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer position in the frame to your liking then go to selections, invert and hit delete on your keyboard, back to selections, select none, change the blend mode of this layer to Overlay, go to layers duplicate then change the blend mode to Luminance legacy, the duplicate one more time, change the blend mode of this layer to hue legacy.

Activate the rectangle tool, create as vector checked, H&V radius 0 background color any, foreground color nul, draw out a rectangle slightly bigger than the frame, activate the text tool, select the text your using, size 14,Create as vector selected, position the cursor near the edge of the rectangle, when you see the A with a curve under it click and type Naughty or Nice. repeat these word until it fits the entire way round, open the layers and click the eye nest to the layer that says new rectangle, go to layers, convert to raster layer.

Add eye candy 400, gradient glow with the following settings, choose, fat, glow width 3, apply then apply a drop shadow as before.

Open element 64, go to image, resize and resize by 10%, copy and paste as a new layer onto your canvas, go to image, flip, then layers duplicate, free rotate, rotate by 25 degrees right, rotate all layers unchecked, then go to layers, duplicate, repeat the rotate then duplicate and repeat the rotate again, put the elements together like a bunch go to layers, merge, merge down x2.

pen element 63, go to image, resize and resize by 10%, copy and paste on to your canvas as a new layer, add a drop shadow of your choice or Lokas software, 3D shadow with the following settings,go to layers, duplicate and arrange to your liking.

Copy and paste your tube of choice as a new layer, resize and position to your liking, add a drop shadow of choice, I used the Lokas settings as before, close off the white background layer if desired.

Add your name and copyright information. your done!

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