Sunday, 17 April 2016

Pretty lil Bee

For this tutorial you will need:

The beautiful scrap kit used Blossom to the Bee by Miggins here
MCmask 02\by Kaci from the creative Misfits blog here
Mask MD_21 from my blog here
The tube I have used is FTU by Lia here
please read her TOU here

Put both masks into your mask folder
Open a blank canvas 600 x 600, flood fill with white.

new layer, Go to selections, select all
Open Paper24, go to edit, paste and paste into selection then back to selections, selct none.
Go to layers load/save mask, load mask from disk, in the drop down menu select MC-Mask 02, apply with the following settings, Create from source luminance checked, fit to layer checked and hide all mask checked, go to layers, merge, merge group.

Open paper15 and apply with the same setting, then merge, merge group, go to layers, duplicate, with the duplicate layer active go to image, rotate, free rotate 22% Left, rotate all layers unchecked, then back to image, resize by 110% resample using smart size checked, resize all layers unchecked.

Open element 3, copy and paste as a new image onto your canvas, go to image, resize and resize by 25% same settings as before, we will use these settings throughout this tutorial.

Open element62, copy and paste onto your canvas,go to image, resize and resize by 40%, with your lasso tool, with the following settings, Selection type point to point, mode add(shift) feather 0, trace around the circle using the outer circle as we are going to fill the back ground, open paper, go to image, resize and resize by 10%, copy and paste onto your canvas, then go to selections, invert, then hit delete on your keyboard, then back to selections, select none, move this layer below elements 62 layer.

Make the top layer active by clicking on it, Open element 69, copy and paste as a new layer onto your canvas, go to image, resize and resize by 15% then go back to image and mirror, arrange the tree at the right hand side of the circle to your liking, go to effects, 3D effects, add the following drop shadow 4, -4, 56, 8.

Open your tube of choice, resize and position to your liking then go layers, duplicate, on the duplicate layer change the blend mode to screen, on the original layer add the same drop shadow as used on the tree.

Open elements 66, 67 or 68, copy and paste onto your canvas, go to image, resize and resize by 15%, arrange to your liking, then add a drop shadow the same settings.

Open element74, copy and paste onto your canvas, go to image, resize and resize by 20% arrange at the base of the tree, add a drop shadow settings as before.

Add your name and copyright info. If you have used the tube supplied it is 

©Lia . delete the bottom white layer and resize if needed. your done!

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